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According to recent legislation, the multiannual arranging and exclusion from demolition of illegal constructions and use are now possible. The current legal frame includes all bearing structures constructed by 28/07/2011. According to L.4178/2013, homeowners of illegal constructions to:

        reduce the fine imposed by the state based on previous legal frames,

        maintain their property by paying a single fine and ensure that the property is exempt from urban weights,

        connect to utility networks,

        repair and complete existing and unfinished arbitrary constructions,

        obtain the required engineer certificate to sell or rent their property.

Especially for tourist accommodation facilities which have already been placed under special fine provisions that allow their operation within illegally constructed structures, the imposed fine is reduced by the amount of the fine already paid.

The arbitrary constructions recognition process can be, in several cases, a quite complex procedure. Our team investigates the status of your property, in order to provide the ideal combination of uses and spaces with minimum financial burden. Following our introductory visit, we suggest a thorough solution and process the entire setup process of your arbitrary structures or uses.


Owners of buildings constructed by 2003 and stone buildings erected by 28.07.2011 which come under the provisions of L.4178/2013 can be set-off up to half of the initial fine, when setting out works for energy and structural integrity upgrades. The netted amount spent for services fees, work and materials is deducted from the initial fine up to its half.

Visit us to assess the current condition of your property, to study the real needs for energy and structural reinforcement and to organize together the implementation of interventions, while reducing the total fine your illegal structures.